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Feb. 04.

Angela Jolie doesn’t know how to turn on…her PC

ang.jpgAngela Jolie doesn’t know how to turn on…her PC

It seems that Angelina is not realy able to turn everything ON. She is a technophobic. The actress confessed she is completely hopeless with technology and she often has to ask partner Brad Pitt for help turning on their computer.

Speaking at an event to celebrate her being presented with the Outstanding Performance of the Year Award at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival on Saturday , Angelina said: “As Brad knows, I don’t even really know how to turn on a computer!

Angelina also revealed she was initially hesitant about starring in ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’, but is now glad she took the role because that was where she met Brad. She said: “Obviously I’m very glad I did it now – it completely changed my life!”

When the 32-year-old actress was shown a clip of her and Brad’s famous tango scene from the 2005 film and asked who the better dancer was, she laughed:”I think we’re about equal – equally bad that is!”

The ‘Wanted’ star – who has three adopted children, Maddox, six, Pax, four, and Zahara, three, and a 20-month-old biological daughter, Shiloh, with Brad – said: “I love being a mom, and I think that’s my big passion – being with my family.”

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Feb. 04.

Angelina Jolie and ‘A Mighty Heart’

jolie_award_020308_22.jpgSourceAngelina Jolie and ‘A Mighty Heart’

Now let’s talk about Hollywood’s favourite couple. Or maybe ex-favourite couple. Why? In my opinion they are a little dull nowadays, Brad seems like a little puppy every time he is out with his beloved mother of his kids…And Angelina lost that rebel layer some while ago. I’m not saying is bad for them to do all these charity, helping people actions; but Angelina isn’t Angelina anymore. Or maybe all of this is called…maturity?

While Jolie was snubbed by the Academy Awards for her performance as Marianne Pearl in “A Mighty Heart,” the Santa Barbara International Film Festival bestowed the “Performance of the Year” award on Angelina. The award was presented to Angelina Jolie by Clint Eastwood, whom Angelina raved about. “Clint Eastwood? Don’t get me started,” Jolie said. “I could talk forever about him. I could turn the whole evening into a Clint Eastwood evening. … I think he’s just a genuinely great guy. He’s nice to everybody on set.”

Angelina did nothing to quash the pregnancy reports by wearing a suspiciously loose-fitting number, just like she did at the recent SAG awards. The couple are reported to be making plans to sell their baby news and donating the proceeds to charity.

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Nov. 30.

Ooops Jolie!

joliesplit_468×747.jpgangbutt2rex_468×400.jpgOoops Jolie!
It’s hard not to envy Hollywood star Angelina Jolie – pictured with arm wrapped round one of the world’s sexiest men, actor Brad Pitt at the premiere of her new film Beowulf.

But on closer inspection, the star was having a few wardrobe malfunctions – including her leather trousers splitting at the seams.

First, Angelina got herself into a somewhat sticky situation as the sexy star’s Christian Louboutin stiletto shoe got stuck in a wad of chewing gum on the red carpet.

The unattractive accessory moulded itself to the four inch heel of the designer shoes, spoiling Angelina’s carefully groomed image.

Then the incredibly skinny star, who has raised eyebrows with her painfully thin frame, surprisingly appeared to be busting out of her trousers.

As she cuddled lover Brad Pitt, his hand, which was placed strategically on her bottom, inadvertently concealing a split spreading in the seam of her tight leather trousers.

Clearly, even Hollywood stars have their wardrobe malfunctions.

Fears for the 32-year-old’s health continued as she looked gaunt in her all-black ensemble which did her shrunken figure no favours.

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Oct. 26.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Poor Parents?

wenn5031710__opt.jpgBrad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Poor Parents?

They may be the sexiest screen stars and the hottest humanitarians, but are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie forgetting that family comes first?

The couple and their ever-flourishing family of four kids have traveled in several different states and cities (New York, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Chicago and Prague) over the last four months along with their babies. But while Angie and Brad may be giving their guys and girls a global education, some say it may be doing more harm than good.

“It would appear that they are attempting to have the children fit into their lifestyle as opposed to them amending their lifestyle to meet the needs of their children,” said marriage and family therapist Sloane Veshinski.

“Young children need structure and a routine; however, the constant movement can cause an inability to form attachment bonds to those around them, form relationships with other children and establish a peer group,” Veshinski said.

“The lack of consistency in routine, languages spoken and the overall changes of environment may cause them to lack a level of trust and comfort in their environment if that environment continues to change.The children may have difficulties in forming relationships with their peers, other than their siblings. They may, in the future, be diagnosed with issues such as attachment disorders or ADHD as their world is moving faster than they are able to process.”

I’m sure that the lady is right in many examples, but I doubt that they’re ever gonna reach Spears’ status of “worst mom ever”. She definitely needs counseling.
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Oct. 17.

Angelina Jolie and her Evergreen look

jolie_eastwood_101707_01.jpgjolie_eastwood_101707_03.jpgAngelina Jolie and her Evergreen look

Here are some new pictures on the set of Jolie’s latest movie. “The Changeling” is directed by Clint Eastwood. The film is based on the true story of a mother, living in the 1920′s, whose child mysteriously disappears. I think that I had pretty much known the plot up until that point, however, I didn’t know that the child did return, only to have her insist that her son was not the child returned to her. After insisting with the police that the boy is not hers, she is hauled off to the looney bin.

I won’t insist too much about the story because I don’t want to spoil the surprise for you. However, you can easily google the movie and find out by yourselves what are the next intrigues in the plot.

Moving further to Angelina, I think is needless to say that she looks absolutely cute even in these old fashioned outfits. But when did Angelina look bad? I think that she would catch our eyes even if she was wearing ropes around her and still be a trend setter. Even tough I find the clothes in the following pictures adorable and I would go to the next store and buy it…. I’m sure that I don’t have a chance with pulling off such an outfit together and proudly display it downtown.

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Sep. 30.

Angelina Jolie still works for St. John

jolie_pitts_093007_01.jpgAngelina Jolie still works for St. John

It seems that the rumor about Angelina Jolie being fired as the face of St. John is not true at all and has no foundation. A spokesperson for the company declared to US Weekly that the actress/activist/mother of four is still on the payroll. She will continue to represent the company and lead their spring campaign also, after happily finishing the current campaign.

“Rumors that St John has fired Angelina Jolie are untrue,” the company’s spokesperson tells Us. “She appears in the current St John’s campaign and she will appear in the upcoming Spring campaign as well.”"Angelina Jolie embodies so many qualities of what St. John represents,” said Cohen. “She is strong, independent and dynamic. She’s a mother, actress and a philanthropist.”

What a hard job for Mrs. Pitt. Here is a picture with her spending one of her days off together with the kids.. Of course that she was taking them to an upper class place:”Kidville” on the upper east side of New York City, together with her husband, Mr. Pitt.

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Sep. 21.

Angelina Jolie has slept with only 4 men…at least this is what she said


And I’m not thinking about sharing the same bed in scouts camp..:)

Angelina seems to be impressed by her man-eating reputation. Jolie declared to Britain’s Cosmopolitan magazine: “It was never true. I had only slept with four men in my life – and I married two of them!”. The owner of those sexy lips claims she has only had sex with current partner Brad Pitt, former husbands Billy-Bob Thornton and Johnny Lee Miller and one other nameless man. Wow…this is something to keep in mind if you want to get o the “Sexiest Women Alive” list…or NOT!

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