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Mar. 23.

The Quick Celebrities Link News

Lindsay Lohan is blonde, I mean brunette, excuse me, blonde. It appears Lindsay has to change her hair color to brunette when she goes on the set of her new movie, but when she’s done filming she can go and turn her hair back to blonde. I don’t see why she can’t just stay brunette. Source

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet back on the movie set together in the movie “Revolutionary Road.” Source

Christina Aguilera is blowing candles. Source

And Lindsay Lohan’s mother has problems or at least I don’t think she’s quite normal. Source

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Mar. 22.

Quick celebrities news

Vivica A Fox was arrested for DUI. She was recorded driving with a speed of 80mph in her Cadillac and when she took the breathalyzer test Vivica was over the .08 legal limit. Source

Leonardo DiCaprio is rumored to be set to wed his girlfriend, model Bar Rafaeli by the end of 2007. Source

American Idol girl cries and cries and cries … I hate that show. Source

That’s enough celebrity news for today.
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Dec. 19.

Bite Of The Day

Other interesting stuff going on right now:
- Gwen Stefani wants another baby
- Matt Damon kissed Angelina Jolie and thought it’s awkward – link
- Eva Mendes had nightmare over Ghost Riderlink
- Lindsay Lohan can’t drive, but that ain’t new – link

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Dec. 17.

Bite of the Day

What’s new in the celebrities world, you say …
First of all, Angelina Jolie is not pregnant so the rumors about that are plain old newspaper gossip.
Number 2 on the list, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton are over, as Britney is not allowed anymore to hang around Paris.
Beyonce poses and Ashlee Simpson does estate business
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Dec. 12.

Bite of the Day

Iggy Pop Keep your shirt on – link

Spike TV’s Video Games Awards with Eva Mendes,Rachael Leigh Cook and Maria Menounos – link

How Brad and Angelina fell in love, by Angelina Jolie – link

Sharon Stone is still hot – link

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Dec. 07.

Bite of The Day

Jessica Alba talks about Fantastic Four 2 – link

Mary J Blige gets 8 nominations at Grammy Awards – link

Johnny Depp first wedding photos – link

Linsday Lohan wants help from Al Gore – link

Tyra Banks to adopt a child ? – link

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