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Sep. 15.

PEOPLE announces Best Dressed List 2007

People magazine has made public its list of The Best Dressed Stars of 2007. Among the many famous celebrities included in the list are Cameron Diaz who is credited to have the Best Legs, Beyonce Knowles who is named the Showtopper, and Katie Holmes who is dubbed the Classic.

Next on the list is Penelope Cruz, dubbed the Continental. Jessica Biel is also one of the Best Dressed Stars and credited as the All-American. In addition to them all, there are also the likes of Drew Barrymore, who is the Chameleon, and the Glamour Girl Jennifer Lopez.

Gwen Stefani is named the Trendsetter, while Ali Larter is nicknamed the Newcomer.On the other hand, Bond girl Eva Green receives the Worst Dressed dishonour.

As for the guys, those who have caught our eyes were: David Beckham, Johnny Depp, Terrence Howard, Brad Pitt and George Clooney.
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Dec. 06.

Cameron Diaz at the Holiday Photocall

Cameron Diaz at The Holiday movie photocall, sporting her new dark hair. I really think it suits her pretty well, though I liked her blonde too.

Cameron Diaz at the Holiday Photocall
Cameron Diaz at the Holiday Photocall 1 cameron_diaz_the_holiday_2.jpg cameron_diaz_the_holiday_3.jpg cameron_diaz_the_holiday_4.jpg
cameron_diaz_the_holiday_5.jpg cameron_diaz_the_holiday_6.jpg cameron_diaz_the_holiday_7.jpg cameron_diaz_the_holiday_8.jpg
Cameron Diaz at the Holiday Photocall

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Nov. 30.

Cameron Diaz at MTV TRL

Cameron Diaz has been sporting a low profile in the last couple of months. She now blossomed at MTV TRL with dark hair and a brand new cosmetic procedure by which Cameron got rid of her acne problems.

Diaz looks great in these pictures.

Cameron Diaz at MTV TRL
cameron_diaz_trl_mtv_9.jpg cameron_diaz_trl_mtv_8.jpg cameron_diaz_trl_mtv_7.jpg cameron_diaz_trl_mtv_1.jpg cameron_diaz_trl_mtv_2.jpg
cameron_diaz_trl_mtv_6.jpg cameron_diaz_trl_mtv_5.jpg cameron_diaz_trl_mtv_4.jpg cameron_diaz_trl_mtv_3.jpg
Cameron Diaz at MTV TRL

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