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Sep. 27.

Courtney Love denying Sharon Osbourne’s accusations

Courtney Love denying Sharon Osbourne’s accusations

Oh my God.Yes this is how Courtney Love looks like. I’ve seen recently a zobmie movie and I’m almost convinced that she was the main character. Or at least they looked pretty much alike. Yes she would scare you kids on the street with her casual “walking corpse” look. I’d like to believe that she’s still off the drugs, but it looks like she’s foregoing the food as well. 

 And somehow, Courtney has recently mustered the strength to deny accusations she was the one who introduced a fifteen-year-old Jack Osbourne to OxyContin.

“I never did that. I would never give drugs to a teenager. (Expletive) you Sharon – as if I would ever give drugs to a teenager.”

This tirade came in response to Sharon Osbourne’s accusation that Courtney was the one who got Jack hooked on painkillers.

“I will never have time for Courtney Love. She was the first person to give my son Jack the prescription drug OxyContin. There’s not a shadow of doubt in my mind about that. My dislike towards her is very personal.”

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Sep. 21.

Courtney Love destroys Kate Moss’ £2,000 DioR gown


What was Courtney’s Love last blooper?

Clumbsy Courtney stepped on the sophisticated Christian Dior gown that Kate Moss wore to the Golden Age of Couture exhibition at the Victoria and Albert museum this week. Poor Kate…if she only had it coming.The rip was pretty bad but Kate saved the situation and got creative. She tied the £2,000 dress around her hips until she could make a polite exit aroun 3AM.

One party guest said: “…just seconds after her grand entrance, Courtney, failing to spot the huge train at the end of Kate’s dress, trod on it with both heels causing a very slight rip.”

“Throughout the course of the evening the hole, which started just above the small of her back, began to spread. She took it in surprisingly good humour though, shrugging it off with a giggle,” the guest said.

And here’s how Courtney makes new friends on a daily basis…

Check the pics for the dress BEFORE and AFTER Courtney Love.

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Apr. 05.

Courtney Love doing some shopping

Pictures of Courtney Love doing some shopping on Robertson BLVD. She visited stores like Horn and Kitson. She just got some money from selling 25 percent of her 98 percent in nirvana songs to Larry Mestel of Primary Wave Music Publishing.

Love said she took on Mestel as a strategic partner because managing Kurt Cobain’s estate is overwhelming. Mestel said Cobain was an incredible songwriter, and Love is a talented person herself, so he felt Love’s creativity and the things he can add would make the songs more valuable.

Courtney Love  Courtney Love  Courtney Love  Courtney Love


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Mar. 24.

Courtney Love and daughter at Mercedes Benz Fashion Show

Courtney Love brought her daughter to the Fall 2006 Fashion week. It’s nice to see Courtney all cleaned up with Frances Bean at her side

Courtney Love     Courtney Love     Courtney Love

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Mar. 21.

Courtney Love – HOT at Mercedes Benz Fashion Show

Courtney Love looks great. All sober and galmorous, Courtney actually looks younger. I can’t belive the change. A couple of months ago she was a total mess and now Courtney Love is another hottie from Hollywood. The pictures were taken at the Fall 2006 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

As a comparison here is a picture of Courtney Love with Pamela Anderson and one in the court.

Courtney Love     Courtney Love

Source for pictures

And here is Courtney Love NOW

Courtney Love   Courtney Love   Courtney Love

Courtney Love   Courtney Love   Courtney Love

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