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Nov. 30.

David Beckham the global face of Giorgio Armani underwear

beckhamcrotch1.jpgDavid Beckham the global face of Giorgio Armani underwear
David Beckham has been named the global face of Giorgio Armani underwear.

Armani is launching David Beckham’s underwear line in the US next February.

“WWD has learned Beckham has been signed as the global face of Emporio Armani underwear. Beckham was shooting the ad campaign in Los Angeles late last week with Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. The ads will break in fashion magazines worldwide beginning with the January issues.”

The underwear designed by the fashion legend will hit Emporio stores December with a soft launch. Then in January Macy’s and Bloomingdales will carry the goods online. February will mark the official launch, which will bring the line into the stores themselves.

David Beckham is no stranger to the world of Armani. He and Giorgio designed the uniforms for the English soccer (football to the Europeans) team back in 2002. Armani has also been forging a relationship between fashion and sports for years. He is responsible for putting threads on the backs of Russell Crowe’s Australian rugby team. The players were also treated to front row seats at his fashion show in Milan.

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Oct. 26.

David Beckham, a “true” disappointed man

becks11__opt.jpgDavid Beckham, a “true” disappointed man

David Beckham’s first season with the LA Galaxy just ended, way below expectations. The stud has expressed his disappointment over this subject on his official website. This is what he declared:


Hello everyone,

Hope you are all well?

I’ve continued to step up my match fitness over the past week and managed to come off the bench and play a part against Red Bull New York and Chicago Fire. It was a great feeling to be part of the action again.

Unfortunately, results went against us and we just missed out on a play off spot. The team had played so well over the past six or seven games, so I’m incredibly disappointed for them, but we’ll come back stronger next season I’m sure.

I’d like to wish Cobi Jones a happy retirement from playing. He’s been at the Galaxy since the club was formed and has definitely been one of its, and the MLS’s, greatest players. So, best of luck to him for the future.

Speak to you soon


Even though he’s not doing so well on the field, at the “manhood” chapter he’s doing really good. According to editor-in-chief of the men’s lifestyle website that compiled the list, there were very specific characteristics that a real man has to have. And of course, DB has it all:

“These are not the guys you always see on magazine covers or who get the most media play, and they all have secondary pursuits that become expressions of their values,” Bassil said.”When our readers can see the guy behind the guy, they appreciate that.”

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Sep. 15.

David Beckham back on billboards


After ShinnyShinny has announced some while ago that David Beckham will be the new face for the Motorola RAZR2 campaign, we have received some good news. Here you go ladies: brand new pics with the beauty…I’m thinking about the phone of course.

Previous photos had him looking smart in a fashionable suits, but the company has decided to get some clothes off and present the handset next to a naked David Beckham. Does anybody have any objections?…Of course not. Smart move Motorola.

Unfortunately we don’t know yet if we’ll see the campaign in other sights beside Korea.

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Oct. 23.

Guess Who’s Going to be a Knight

David Beckham. Yeah, David Beckham (husband of Victoria Beckham) is going to be Knighted by the Queen herself.
Beckham will become a Knight on New Year’s Eve. He already owns an Order of the British Empire (OBE).
Beeing a Knight comes for his services to soccer and his community work.

Guess Who's Going to be a Knight
David Beckham, British Knight

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Aug. 24.

Victoria Beckham in London

Many people say that Victoria Beckham is too skinny, I almost agree with that, but I do think she’s one hot wife. David Beckham was pretty lucky to get her. Too bad that are many rummors about them splitting up, Victoria and David make a good pair, and even if I don’t like implants I must say she’s looking good.
Here are some pictures of Victoria Beckham out in London.

Victoria Beckham in London Victoria Beckham in London Victoria Beckham in London Victoria Beckham in London
Victoria Beckham in London

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