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Oct. 24.

Drew Barrymore shootings from “Grey Gardens”

drew_barrymore_102307_05.jpgdrew_barrymore_102307_04-thumb.jpgDrew Barrymore shootings from “Grey Gardens”Source

Here’s Drew Barrymore, on the set of “Grey Gardens,” her latest film. She is looking pensive and quite stunning in the pictures with all that evergreen scent. It seems like there are a lot of pictures out there of stars shooting period pieces–or maybe there have just been too many of Angeline Jolie on the set of “The Changeling” and it’s all sort of blurring together.

Barrymore is starring with Jessica Lange in the HBO Films production, adapted from the 1975 documentary that chronicled the lives of Jackie O.’s strange aunt and cousin. I really admire Drew for her natural way of being on the screen and I think that I’ve never seen her looking so serious. Maybe she reached a time in her life when she realized that she should start doing some serious projects, others than the flick chicks we were used to.

She really looks fabulous in the captions–with her red lipstick and soft curls. A it was with Angelina’s look, I would also want to try Drew’s over do…however I might not get along so well with red lipstick, so I’ll save the trouble of mocking at me for those around and I’ll stay in my place..:)

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Mar. 29.

Drew Barrymore on Music and Lyrics By movie set

Drew Barrymore started work on her new movie Music and Lyrics By, a romantic comedy. This pictures are taken on March 28th during the first day of filming.

Drew Barrymore  Drew Barrymore  Drew Barrymore

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Mar. 15.

Drew Barrymore in New York

It seems to me that Drew Barrymore is prettier, younger, hmm … happier. Here’s Drew in New York, alone, on March 13th. That reminds me, where’s her boyfriend ?

Drew Barrymore     Drew Barrymore

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