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Dec. 19.

Tony claims he didn’t cheat Eva

eva.jpgTony claims he didn’t cheat Eva

Remember a couple of weeks ago I was writing a n article about Eva Longoria and her fairy tale with Tony Parker. She was telling how happy and in love she is and how Tony is the best thing that happened to her. I wonder what she felt when she heard about the “affair” her dream boy just had. Now it seems that the affair is not real.Therefore, Tony Parker’s attorney is fighting claims made by a model, Alexandra Paressant, who says she had intercourse with the NBA star.

Stanton “Larry” Stein of the firm Dreier Stein & Kahan stated, “Tony adamantly and unconditionally denies ever having laid eyes on this woman, let alone having had an affair with her. The allegations of the supposed affair are entirely false and fabricated.”

He added that he would “pursue all legal remedies against those making such false accusations.”

Parker, who wed Eva Longoria earlier this year, denies all claims made by the model. Longoria, who hasn’t wavered from her man, says she has faith that her husband hasn’t strayed.

Now we’ll see who’s right and who’s wrong. However I hope that that bitchy model is just hoping to get some publicity out of this, because I really love this couple.

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Nov. 30.

Eva Longoria, happy and in love

eva-longoria.jpgEva Longoria, happy and in love

Eva Longoria was convinced she would find love again after the breakdown of
her first marriage.

The ‘Desperate Housewives’ beauty, who divorced actor Tyler Christopher in January 2004, knew the right man was still out there waiting for her.

She said: “You get through it. My philosophy was that every time a door closed, I knew one would open.
As you mi
ght already know, Eva is now married to basketball star Tony Parker and she insists she has never been happier.

And also recently she has been surprised giving some sex advices to her new girl friend, Victoria Beckham. It’s very nice of her to teach her friends lessons about achieving happiness . Watch out Katie! Experienced woman ahead!

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Sep. 17.

Desperate Housewives at the Emmy’s


All four stars from the show looked absolutely fabulous at the Emmy’s ceremony this year.

Marcia Cross looked classy, sexy and elegant just like we are used to her in the series. She didn’t deceive us at all in her Georges Chakra nude color gown.

As for Eva Longoria she appeared as she always does : absolutely magnificent.She was wearing a backless knee length sequined dress by Kaufman Franco.

Felicity Huffman was wearing the HOT color of the night; Fuchsia! Her sexy dress was designed by David Meister.

Since Teri Hatcher became the new spokesperson for Badgley Mischka she obviously sported a dress designed by the fabulous duo. Fortunately for Teri, anything with a Badgley Mischka label always look fabulous.

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Mar. 05.

Eva Longoria in Workout outfit

Pictures of Eva Longoria in workout outfit. I’ll bet the fans of Eva Longoria will really appreciate some of these pictures as they are very and I mean VERY HOT. One other celebrity I like in workout outfit is Jessica Biel

Eva Longoria in Workout outfit
eva_longoria_workout_outfit_1.jpg eva_longoria_workout_outfit_2.jpg eva_longoria_workout_outfit_3.jpg eva_longoria_workout_outfit_4.jpg eva_longoria_workout_outfit_5.jpg eva_longoria_workout_outfit_6.jpg eva_longoria_workout_outfit_7.jpg
Eva Longoria in Workout outfit

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Dec. 04.

Eva Longoria in Hollywood

Eva Longoria pictures in West Hollywood. I thought you’ll enjoy these paparazzi pictures of Longoria

eva_longoria_1.jpg eva_longoria_2.jpg eva_longoria_3.jpg eva_longoria_4.jpg eva_longoria_5.jpg
Eva Longoria in Hollywood

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Dec. 02.

Eva Longoria on the set of Desperate Housewives

Eva Longoria pictures on the set of “Desperate Housewives”

Eva Longoria on the set of Desperate Housewives
eva_longoria_desperate_housewives_set_1.jpg eva_longoria_desperate_housewives_set_2.jpg eva_longoria_desperate_housewives_set_3.jpg eva_longoria_desperate_housewives_set_4.jpg
eva_longoria_desperate_housewives_set_5.jpg eva_longoria_desperate_housewives_set_6.jpg eva_longoria_desperate_housewives_set_7.jpg
Eva Longoria on the set of Desperate Housewives

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Nov. 27.

Eva Longoria an Evening with Larry King

Eva Longoria at an evening with Larry King. Nice photos of the Desperate Housewives star.

Eva_Longoria_1.jpg Eva_Longoria_2.jpg Eva_Longoria_3.jpg Eva_Longoria_4.jpg Eva_Longoria_5.jpg Eva_Longoria_6.jpg Eva_Longoria_7.jpg Eva_Longoria_8.jpg Eva_Longoria_9.jpg Eva_Longoria_10.jpg Eva_Longoria_11.jpg

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