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Dec. 04.

Haylie Duff in LA

Haylie Duff pictures out and about in L.A. Haylie and her sister, Hilary Duff should be congratulated because they made it to number one with Material Girls. Number one top WORST movie ever, that is. Note: They are now only on second place, because Paris Hilton took the 1st one with Bottom’s Up

haylie_duff_1.jpg haylie_duff_2.jpg haylie_duff_3.jpg haylie_duff_4.jpg
Haylie Duff in LA

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Mar. 20.

Haylie Duff at 2B Free Fashion Show

Although I’m a fan of her sister, I think there are some that like Haylie Duff. This are pictures of her at the 2B Free Fashion Show. What’s up with that big neckless ?

Haylie Duff     Haylie Duff     Haylie Duff

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