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Aug. 11.

Recent Pictures with Hilary Duff on the Set of SVU

Here we have some new pictures with Hilary Duff on the Set of SVU.

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Dec. 17.

Hilary Duff loves her body

cosmo-jan-08-duff-thumb.jpgHilary Duff loves her body

Hilary Duff doesn’t stress about her body image as much as she used to. She says:

“There definitely was a time, about a year and a half ago, when I was pretty obsessed with my body and my weight. But I’m better not stressing about my body all the time. It’s not attractive when girls get superskinny. Guys don’t like it. Girls don’t like you as much. You lose some happiness when that’s all you think about.”

Whether or not she feels she was less popular trying to be super skinny, it’s healthier not to obsess about the weight. Little girls look up to Hilary so it’s great that she’s saying she is sending out the message that it’s not attractive to get so thin and it’s true, it really isn’t.

Hilary graces the January issue of Cosmopolitan that hits newsstands Tuesday. What do you think of the cover?

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Oct. 28.

Nicole Richie vs. Hilary Duff

nicole-bitchythumbnail.jpghil-duff-10251thumbnail.jpgNicole Richie vs. Hilary Duff

Take a wild guess why she could hate the innocent blond singer.Of course that Nicole is a hating bitch that would find everybody inferior to her but it is not to ignore the fact that Miss Duff is after all her boyfriend’s ex!

A source tells Us Weekly that Nicole Richie, 26, teases Joel Madden, 28, about his two-and-a-half-year relationship with singer-actress Hilary Duff, 20.

“She will ask if he’s going to watch Lizzie McGuire DVDs or listen to Hilary’s albums,” says the source. “Joel tells her she’s being out of line.”

She must be threatened by Hilary’s class, because it’s something Nicole is lacking.

At least Hilary has never been a blazing cokehead, she never hung out with Paris Hilton, and she doesn’t need attention from the paparazzi to make her feel legitimate. She actually has a real career.

Nicole has some serious confidence issues. As we all know anorexics have major body image problems, coke whores tend to use to feel adequate, and women who hate on other women generally don’t have any love for themselves.

Do you really think Nicole that Joel will invest also 2 and a half years from his life in a relationship with you, as he did with Hilary? One can only dream of…

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Sep. 23.

Hilary Duff Gets a Mercedes from Boyfriend for B-day


Mike Comrie, hockey player and boyfriend spoiled Hilary Duff with a Mercedes-Benz G-class SUV for her 20th birthday.

“Okay it’s shoes or something,” Duff recalled thinking as she went to her sister’s house, where Comrie had said he left the present in the garage. “I opened the garage, and I was just like in shock, just standing there.”

Before her, with a big red bow on top, was a Mercedes-Benz G-Class SUV (retail price: more than $100,000).

Nice gift Mikey. You sure know how to get to a woman’s heart.

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Dec. 04.

Haylie Duff in LA

Haylie Duff pictures out and about in L.A. Haylie and her sister, Hilary Duff should be congratulated because they made it to number one with Material Girls. Number one top WORST movie ever, that is. Note: They are now only on second place, because Paris Hilton took the 1st one with Bottom’s Up

haylie_duff_1.jpg haylie_duff_2.jpg haylie_duff_3.jpg haylie_duff_4.jpg
Haylie Duff in LA

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Nov. 28.

Hillary Duff and Joel Madden are over

Hillary Duff and Joel Madden are not making a couple anymore. It appears the age diffrence (Joel is 27 and Hillary Duff 19) is to blame for the split up.

Last week, while he was in Chicago at club Enclave, Madden made sure all the ladies in there knew he was single again.

Hillary Duff and Joel Madden are over
Hillary Duff and Joel Madden are over

I never liked them together so I can’t say I didn’t wait up for this to happen :)

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Sep. 16.

Hilary Duff Launches New Fragrance With Love

Hilary Duff Launches New Fragrance With Love. Nowadays this is the new trend. You become a star and start marketing your name, that means put your name on every little product you get the chance, even if you don’t use it. Hilary Duff makes no exception, and this is how a new perfume was born, “With Love”.

Hilary Duff Launches New Fragrance With Love Hilary Duff Launches New Fragrance With Love Hilary Duff Launches New Fragrance With Love Hilary Duff Launches New Fragrance With Love
Hilary Duff Launches New Fragrance With Love

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