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Nov. 02.

Katie Holmes is under close observation

lions_lambs_110207_02.jpgKatie Holmes is under close observationSource

New baby bump watch has started….Here is Katie Holmes’ black dress that she wore on the red carpet for the premiere of “Lions for Lambs,” starring hubby, Tom Cruise. This piece of garment is fueling the fires of speculation that the young actress is pregnant with the couple’s second child. Last night, spies were watching the two closely, and despite the fact that Katie’s rep has assured Us Weekly that the starlet is “not pregnant,” rumors of a baby bump persist. But, when Tom spoke with Entertainment Weekly about taking care of the couple’s young daughter, Suri, he made it sound as if they’d worked out a system in which an extra youngun would fit in just fine

He said they share parenting duties “just like everybody else, you just work it out. You make it work. We’ve gotten pretty good at organizing everything.” Laughing, he added, “I don’t sleep much anyway.”

And also he forgot to add that the millions and millions of dollars probably helps. He could afford all the supernannys in the world, so there’s no need to pitty him.

The photo is from the AFI FEST 2007 Opening Night Gala Presentation of ‘Lions For Lambs’ held at the Arclight Cinerama Dome.

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Oct. 26.

Tom and Katie @ ‘Lions for Lambs’ Premiere

tomkatis1.jpgTom and Katie @ ‘Lions for Lambs’ Premiere

Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holmes attend the German premiere of the Robert Redford–directed film Lions for Lambs at the Kino International Center on Wednesday in Berlin, Germany.

It’s nice to see Katie wearing heels. Nicole either never had the guts, or Tom didn’t allow it. Check out how she makes him look like such a mini-man. Movie role or not, Tom Cruise and his sideburnless do, are ridiculous.

Mrs. Cruise wore a super sparkly strapless dress by Armani Prive with a decorated bodice and matching sparkly shoes with ribbon accents.

Moreover, Tom Cruise gushed to Entertainment Tonight about his upcoming first wedding anniversary with beautiful Katie Holmes:

“I think every person has it when they look at their bride. That’s something that I’ll never forget.”

And, despite the frenzy of fans and media surrounding the wedding, which took place at Odescalchi Castle in Lake Bracciano, Italy, Cruise said the day managed to remain “personal.”

“It was very beautiful,” he said. “As big as it was from the outside, it was a very personal experience and something obviously I’ll never forget.”

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Oct. 02.

Kate Hudson switches young hottie for old pudgy

Will Kate become the next Ellen Barkin? Well, why settle for kissing in supermarkets when you can enjoy a romantic trip to Paris, private jets, five-star hotels, your every whim answered.Maybe it would have been decent for her to tell poor Dax about her plans before leaving. This would have saved him from the embarrassing situation of finding out from friends who read tabloids.

Kate Hudson switches young hottie for old pudgy

I think I’m beginning to see a trend here. As an unknown, Kate hooked up with and eventually married Chris Robinson, anorexic-looking lead singer of the Black Crowes, who were then a hit band. Kate’s star kept rising, while Chris and his brother fought too much to make music together anymore. Chris decided it was easier just to stay home and stay stoned, and that’s where he’s been ever since.

Fast forward a few years, and now Kate’s the big star and food provider of the house, and maybe she’s a little bored with her hippy husband. After a failed escapade with her co-star Owen Wilson, Kate returns again to Dax Shepard.
ron-burkle.jpgKate Hudson switches young hottie for old pudgy

And now … she’s with Ron Burkle. Yes, that Ron Burkle, the supermarket mogul, the one allegedly involved in a pay-for-play scandal with the New York Post, among other equally tawdry scandals.He’s middle-aged, pudgy, and about as sexy as double coupons, but has a wicked reputation for chasing tail. He’s spewed his burkle in clubs across the country, earning him titles like “greasy grocer” and “evil rich guy”.

It’s not yet the time to think about retirement funds Katie. You can still make it by your own without the help of greasy fluffy rich guys.

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Sep. 16.

Victoria Beckham and her orange style

Need I say more when talking about Victoria Beckham’s style? We all know that everything goes with her sleek figure and her…not so sleek breast. Anyway, this gorgeus orange dress simply candids in New York City. She minimized using accessories. I agree with her. The tattoos, the brilliant on her ring and the colour itself are sufficient for an extraordinary stylish look.

It won’t surprise me to see Miss Katie Holmes with an orange outfit in the near future. Way to go Posh.

Click on the links below to see more of Victoria and her orange fiesta.

victoria beckham1.jpg

victoria beckham2.jpg

victoria beckham3.jpg

victoria beckham4.jpg
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Sep. 15.

Tom Cruise is one sexy short man!


What did the British come up with now? Well, they thought of making a top of the sexiest short men being in the spotlight. The list is called “The sexiest Little Man” and the1st place belongs to…Tom Cruise. It seems that his fans still love him despite his height or obsession for Scientology. If I may recall you a funny line: after Nicole Kidman separated from Tom, she famously quipped ‘now I can wear heels’. And as you know, Katie Holmes can’t be happier.

Check out the list below to see the fierce competitors who struggled for the “highest” place.

1. Tom Cruise
2. Richard Hammond
3. Mark Owen
4. Lewis Hamilton
5. Jamie Cullum
6. James McAvoy
7. Michael Owen
8. Kelly Jones
9. Declan Donnelly
10. Robert Carlyle

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Sep. 15.

PEOPLE announces Best Dressed List 2007

People magazine has made public its list of The Best Dressed Stars of 2007. Among the many famous celebrities included in the list are Cameron Diaz who is credited to have the Best Legs, Beyonce Knowles who is named the Showtopper, and Katie Holmes who is dubbed the Classic.

Next on the list is Penelope Cruz, dubbed the Continental. Jessica Biel is also one of the Best Dressed Stars and credited as the All-American. In addition to them all, there are also the likes of Drew Barrymore, who is the Chameleon, and the Glamour Girl Jennifer Lopez.

Gwen Stefani is named the Trendsetter, while Ali Larter is nicknamed the Newcomer.On the other hand, Bond girl Eva Green receives the Worst Dressed dishonour.

As for the guys, those who have caught our eyes were: David Beckham, Johnny Depp, Terrence Howard, Brad Pitt and George Clooney.
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Dec. 03.

Tom Katie and Suri Latest Pictures

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and their daughter, Suri Cruise pictures. These photos were taken on 1st December 2006 on the Maldives International Airport. Long time since I’ve posted something about them, but then again Tom and Katie were gone on their honeymoon that followed the italian wedding.

Tom Katie and Suri Latest Pictures
tom_cruise_katie_holmes_suri_1.jpg tom_cruise_katie_holmes_suri_2.jpg tom_cruise_katie_holmes_suri_3.jpg tom_cruise_katie_holmes_suri_4.jpg tom_cruise_katie_holmes_suri_5.jpg tom_cruise_katie_holmes_suri_6.jpg tom_cruise_katie_holmes_suri_8.jpg tom_cruise_katie_holmes_suri_9.jpg tom_cruise_katie_holmes_suri_10.jpg tom_cruise_katie_holmes_suri_11.jpg tom_cruise_katie_holmes_suri_12.jpg
Tom Katie and Suri Latest Pictures

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