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Dec. 19.

JbLOw up!

jblo1.jpgJbLOw up!

Pregnant Jennifer Lopez is “freaked out” about the weight she has gained.

The 38-year-old singer, who is thought to be about five-months pregnant with her first child with husband Marc Anthony, is delighted she is expecting but is said to be horrified by how quickly her stomach has expanded.A source is quoted by an Indian newspaper as saying: “She is huge and freaking out. She has already put on more than 42lbs and isn’t that far gone. Her face has become really puffy from retaining a lot of water.”

The ‘Do It Well’ star has now reportedly vowed to put her career on hold and keep a low profile until she gives birth in the spring.

The source added: “She plans to do a Victoria Beckham now and hibernate for the last few months. You won’t be seeing much of her in public from now on.”

Last week, J.Lo fuelled speculation she is expecting twins by buying matching pink and blue romper suits embroidered “princess” and “prince”.

J.Lo and Marc have also registered their baby shower gift list at exclusive Los Angeles baby boutique Petit Tresor, and added to the twin rumours by requesting most items in pairs.The diva has also booked Petit Tresor to design nurseries at the couple’s estates in Bel Air, Fisher Island, and Oyster Bay.

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Sep. 15.

Jennifer Lopez presents JustSweet

Jennifer Lopez closed out NY Fashion week by launching her new Just Sweet collection for Spring 08.

Jennifer Lopez, the multi talented singer/actor/clothing designer has taken over then entire fashion world. She has her affordable J Lo denim line and also a high end couture line, Sweetface and now she has found something in between, to bridge the gap between the other lines.

The collection was really young, fun and colorful. This line is aiming to those who want to look younger, just like Jennifer Lopez manages to be in real life. It crosses multiple generations and touches on a variety of style preferences.

Here’s JLO about JustSweet:

“Girls who are young who are going to wear it are going to feel sophisticated in it because it does have a chic kind of feeling to it,” she said. “But people who are older who wear it are going to feel young, flirty and fun. It really has a nice mix.”

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Nov. 09.

Jennifer Lopez denies rumors of pregnancy

Jennifer Lopez has denied all rumors of her beeing pregnant with Marc Anthony

Jennifer Lopez denies rumors of pregnancy

Jennifer tells Us Harper’s Bazaar the rumors are 100 per cent false and that she is not sure if she will share the joy of pregnancy with the public:

“These kinds of rumours are part of being famous. You learn to not let it affect you.
I don’t know if I would be super-protective or (willing) to share my joy. I won’t know till it happens.”

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Mar. 27.

Mark Anthony flips the bird

Uhm, Mark Anthony, what do you think about the paparazzi ?

Mark Anthony
Oh, I see :)

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