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Dec. 15.

New Pictures With Pamela Anderson From Art Basel Miami Beach

Here you can see the latest photos with Pamela Anderson form Art Basel at Miami.

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Feb. 04.

Pamela Anderson naked….So what???

pamela_anderson_47a70d2a55af2.jpgPamela Anderson naked….So what???Source

Apparently Pamela Anderson will be taking her clothes off. Uhhm, excuse me, but where’s the story? The “new” in news means gets the idea of presenting something that hasn’t been seen before. Basically, the whole world has seen this Baywatch babe’s goodies. However, if you wanted to see her goodies LIVE you could go to Paris next week.

Reuters is reporting that Anderson will do a nude revue in France at the famous Crazy Horse cabaret. The actress will do a striptease on a Harley Davidson, a piece choreographed especially for her by the Crazy Horse. However, according to, Anderson will be dancing to a song called “Harley Davidson” by Serge Gainsbourg. Maybe it’s just both. The song. The Harley. The Pamela.

Fox also reports that it is not settled yet as to whether Anderson will be nude on stage. But, it’s not like she’s a bashful girl.

While Pamela Anderson has been performing in magic show stateside, this will be her first European stage performance. She is doing four shows on February 13th and 14th.

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Oct. 01.

Pam Anderson’s third time will be the charm?

pam.jpgPam Anderson’s third time will be the charm?

TMZ is reporting that Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon applied for and were granted a marriage license in Las Vegas on Saturday. She really doesn’t want to give up. Maybe Pam thinks the third time will be the charm. Her first two marriages to Tommy
Lee and Kid Rock didn’t work, but maybe she will have better luck with the co-star from Paris Hilton’s infamous sex tape “One Night in Paris”. This guy loves his blondies.

Why not be happy for this hot couple?And look they have so much things in common. Pamela and Rick have both starred in two of the biggest celebrity sex tapes ever.Maybe they are even planning a comeback…who knows where their honeymoon tape will land?

Pam says she and Salomon have been friends or 15 years. She said on her website recently,

!“I’m in love…And my work is fun and creative. I’m healthy…I’m having the best time in my life.”

It’s a fact. By the time she is Liz Taylor’s e she’ll probably have reached no.8!

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Sep. 30.

Denise Richards and Pamela Anderson back to back in Playboy for $ 1,000,000

denise-richards-kids-05.jpgDenise Richards and Pamela Anderson back to back in Playboy for $ 1,000,000Source

Playboy has offered Denise Richards and Pamela Anderson $1 million dollars to pose nude together. It wouldn’t be the first time either of them posed for the mag. Denise did a spread for Playboy in 2004 and Pamela basically made her career off of them.

Do you think that it would it be such a good ideea to see them together, now that Pam has transformed into a walking mummy? Ok, I know that she had her age of glory, but as it usually happens after the climax, here comes the downfall. However, Pam gets stubborn about this and refuses to keep her clothes on. Let’s pray that there will be a law against posing nude after the age of 40…some measures should be taken until it’s not too late!

A source told a US magazine: “Neither Pam nor Denise has committed yet, but they’re seriously considering it.”

Thanks, but no thanks, Playboy. I’m happy surfing the web for old Pamela Anderson videos back when she was hot. As for Denise Richards, may I remind you of Wild Things? She’s naked AND in a threesome. What are people going to do with a wrinkly Pamela Anderson and Denise Richards minus the ridiculous implants?

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Sep. 21.

Pamela Anderson becomes a living mummy


Poor Pamela.She is getting older and older every day and has nothing to do about it. Or maybe…she could have some breast implants.

Ohh wait,that’s already done. Sorry Pam, you will end up a mummy after all.
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Sep. 16.

Pamela Anderson and her act of vanishing $250,000 debt


For all of those man who have fantasized about having Pamela Anderson in their beds, well now your dreams came true. All you need is a night in Las Vegas, a game of poker and a bet of $250,000.

Did I mention also that Pamela is a lousy player at poker? She proved this after losing a game in Vegas. The opposite player was a pretty generous man who offered her a deal. She could pay the money in return for “small room services”. Pamela said,”I paid off a poker debt with sexual favors.” And I may add that this is really something to boast with. We are all very proud of you, Pam.

It seems that the lucky male is a magician’s assistant named Antonio ‘The Magician’ Esfandiari. I didn’t imagine that magician assistant are paid so well to risk $250,000 in a poker game. But after all, when you have the chance to hit what Scott Baio hit, why not?

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Dec. 14.

Pamela Anderson High Quality Photos

Pamela Anderson high quality pics. Enjoy these photos from a professional photoshoot of Pamela.

Pamela Anderson High Quality Photos
Pamela_Anderson_High_Quality_Photos_1.jpg Pamela_Anderson_High_Quality_Photos_2.jpg Pamela_Anderson_High_Quality_Photos_3.jpg Pamela_Anderson_High_Quality_Photos_4.jpg Pamela_Anderson_High_Quality_Photos_5.jpg Pamela_Anderson_High_Quality_Photos_6.jpg Pamela_Anderson_High_Quality_Photos_7.jpg Pamela_Anderson_High_Quality_Photos_8.jpg
Pamela Anderson High Quality Photos

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