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Sep. 15.

Rosie O’Donnell’s fame game – “Celebrity Detox”

Rosie O’Donnell will release her second memoir “Celebrity Detox” on October the 9th. The book will focus on the struggles with leaving fame behind. She admits that “Fame it is, in fact, a drug”. She confided that she has had “an interesting year,” and a lot of it will be in her new book. O’Donnell said her long-delayed memoir on fame will not be ”vindictive” or ”mean-spirited,” but will offer a candid look at her very public life.

“The Insider” has acquired a copy of the controversial book and it seems that every page reveals stunning things. Some of the hot topics treated is her painful childhood. On page 186, she writes that she used to break her limbs when she was a child:
“My hands and fingers usually. No one knew. My secret.” Why? “Proof,” she confeses, “that I had some value, enough to be fixed.” And later, Rosie cryptically adds, “There were many benefits to having a cast. In the middle of the night, it was a weapon.”


She also covers the Donald Trump episode and describes a dispute with Barbara Walters when she repeatedly called her a “liar” for not defending her in that situation. She names the mogul a ” scarecrow” and “a garden slug.”

On Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Rosie writes: “Elisabeth, antiabortion, pro Bush, pro war, believes in everything I don’t, and I believe in everything she doesn’t. She’s as slender as I am fat, as restrained as I am vociferous, as polite as I am frank,” adding, “Right from the start I could see in this slip of a girl so different from me, I could see something fierce, a fist in the frill, and I liked that. But we had no language in common.”

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Apr. 16.

Eric Schiffer

Today we’re going to talk a little about the author and actor, Eric Schiffer.
Recently, Eric Schiffer agreed to star in the upcoming movie, Death Wish Returns, an independent remake of Death Wish, a ’74 movie starring Charles Bronson. The film will be released in mid 2008 as filming will only begin in December 2007 in Glasgow, Scotland.
Eric has previously starred in a major cameo performance role in the movie called Boys Klub. There, he was set colleague with actors like Jack Scalia, Beau Bridges and the beautiful supermodel Rachel Hunter
Eric Schiffer
Eric Schiffer
Eric Schiffer
Besides of being an actor, he’s going to be a producer also, according to imdb he’s the executive producer of Asylum Hill, a 2007 announced thriller.
But what has really made Eric Schiffer famous is his author skills, in particular the book called Emotionally Charged Learning.
Eric Schiffer Emotionally Charged Learning
Eric Schiffer Emotionally Charged Learning
Eric Schiffer Emotionally Charged Learning
He’s known as an organizational leadership expert, and thus, in his book Eric defines a new vision, essential for employers who want to create a learning organization but also for employees.
How did he manage to achieve such knowledge ? Well, Eric spends a lot of time researching large-scale projects (from three to six years in length) in order to develop fundamental insights and then translating his findings into books, organizations and speeches. A smart celebrity, not something you see everyday, did I mention he’s a Mensa member ? Read more of Eric Schiffer’s biography

This has been a paid review, but it has not affected my opinion on Eric Schiffer, you know I tell it like it is.
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Mar. 02.

DVD Movie Rental Kiosks

In this post I will talk about DVD Movie Rental Kiosks. You may not be aware of this, but in U.S. you can rent DVDs from kiosks. You just need a major credit card (American Express, Visa, or MasterCard) and in less than 1 minute you can have your chosen DVD for as low as $1.49 for the first day and $0.99 for each day after that. Operating the kiosk is quite easy, it has a touch screen and it resembles the system of an ATM, you browse for the title you want, you swipe your credit card and that’s it.

The DVDs cover a variety of titles, from movies as new as “The Departed” and “Flushed Away” to older movies like “Click” and “The Breakup”, just check their whole dvd collection.

DVD Movie Rental Kiosks
DVD Movie Rental Kiosks
DVD Movie Rental Kiosks

A good question is “where can you find these DVD Kiosks”. Well, usually you can find them in grocery store chains like Kroger, Vons or Safeway, and in most U.S. military bases. You can check if one of these kiosks are near you by using their kiosks location tool.

I almost forgot to tell you about my favorite part, the returning of the DVDs. You can rent the movie from any kiosk and you can return it to any other kiosk, you don’t have to go back to the one you took the dvd from. Isn’t this great, I would sure try this system if I have the chance.

Do notice that this has been a paid review, but it has not affected my opinions one bit, I truly think this is a innovative system.
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Feb. 04.

Valentine’s Day Lingerie

As you all know Valentine’s Day is coming, and we all have to give something to our lovers. If you want to truly impress your girlfriend, you may consider buying some sexy lingerie for her, in order to heat up the atmosphere and spend a pleasant evening together. And most men should know that ladies love lingerie, even if it’s a small bikini or an expensive gawn.
A good place for buying Valentine’s Day Lingerie, is There, you have a wide choice of lingerie and some special products, just for Valentine’s Day.
Valentine’s Day Lingerie review3.jpg Valentine’s Day Lingerie
From G-strings to thongs, from stalkings and garterbelts to halter tops and camis, all made from silk, lace or satin, is the place where you cand find and buy them. I like the fact even though the majority of the products is sexy, you are still able to find simple pijamas. Many women like to have pink pijamas or pijamas with embroidered hearts and if your girlfriend is one of them, then you can give her the perfect gift.
I was also impressed with the fact that they even have some more exotic products like Kimonos or pearl G-strings.
Final point, I’m sure that if you browse through the items, you’ll find something nice to buy your girlfriend, even when it’s not Valentine’s Day.

For the reader’s information, this was a paid article, but my opinions were not affected by that.

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