Feb. 04.

Roselyn Sanchez, naked for PETA

roselyn_sanchez11_47a72b5b5a014-t.jpgRoselyn Sanchez, naked for PETASource

Remember the campaign of PETA that shows a lot of celebrities naked on posters. Roselyn Sanchez is the latest celebrity to get her clothes of for animal rights in the fur debate.

The sexy Without a Trace star has posed naked in a poster for the anti-fur campaign by PETA. She follows in the footsteps of Eva Mendes, Christina Applegate and Pamela Anderson who have took part in similar campaigns for the organisation. I know. Who would have imagined a blond like Pam without a “fabulous” fur coat?

Roselyn is pictured pressed up against a shop window with the New York street behind her. Her modesty is barley covered by her long wavy hair and some cleverly placed text. I bet the guys are waiting for some miracles from the Photoshop. Dream on!

The poster reads ‘I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur’ and is designed to send a message to the fashion industry and shoppers about the cruelty involved in using animal fur to make clothes. I really hope that this campaign shows results and I admire all the celebrities that encourage PETA’s work.

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